Your holiday home on the most maginficent coast of the island Sardinia: in Budoni, La Caletta, Cala Liberotto, Capo Coda Cavallo, Costa Corallina and Baia Frailis on the east coast, Costa Rei in the south, Bosa, Alghero, Porto Alabe on the west coast, in Stintino int he north.

Sardinia is one of the most known holiday regions of Italy or of the Mediterranean Sea even. Apart from many different types of landscapes, this second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea also offers various types of coastline with steep coasts, cliffs, caves, sandy bays and long sandy beaches. The crystal clear water in the sea is another undisputed advantage of the island. It is just everything that you need to have a real dream holidays apart from the famous Costa Smeralda.

The majority of the area inside the island is mountainous. Many regions seem to be unaffected and are almost uninhabited. Again and again you can see flocks of sheep and some big vineyards (the latter especially in such coastal areas as Dorgali, Gallura, Oristano, Alghero). Many different wine types; e.g. Cannonau, Nuragus, Vernaccia, Torbato or Vermentino are really tasty and are numbered among the best in Italy.

There are also many small secret islands around Sardinia; e.g. La Maddalena. But even the main island itself still offers numerous coastal sections with small bays and lonely beaches, where all the individual holidaymakers can fully enjoy the peaceful holidays far away from the mass tourism.

The east coast of the island is more touristic-oriented: here the beaches are mainly flat, located between the seaside pine wood and the sea. The majority of holiday homes are located just in this seaside wood. The west coast of Sardinia is even more original but at the same time it is at least as appealing as the east coast: the mountains seem to approach the coast and as a result there were formed some small romantic bays (sometimes only on foot reachable). You can enjoy the breathtaking views and unforgettable sunsets from the steep coasts.

Sardinia is the island where every tourist can enjoy the holidays on their own way: starting with relaxing sunbathing on the beach an ending with the active water sports: the surfers, the divers and the lovers of snorkelling experience magnificent views under the water along the coasts.

Last but not least, it is really advisable to taste the Sardinian cuisine that offers many regional delicacies. You should obviously try Culurgiones, Malloreddus, Seadas, Pane carasau, Pane frattau, Porceddu, to name but a few.

Sardinia and its dream beaches are always worth to visit it!