Rent a holiday home in Calabria - and nothing prevents you from going on individual seaside holiday.

Calabria is "the toe" of the Italian "boot" and as a result it is surrounded by the sea on the majority of its border. The west coast is very diversified with many small bays and rocky capes between them - ideal conditions for divers and snorkelers. On the contrary, the east coast by the Ionian Sea offers long sandy beaches and nice places with promenades onshore.

The sparkling sea is clear and clean everywhere in Calabria. Its different colours fascinate everyone: beginning from green changing into blue and ending up with violet.

No sign of industry and of mass tourism with huge hotels - that's Calabria. Instead of that you can admire here not only the lush subtropical vegetation: palm trees, cacti, olive trees, oleander trees, bananas, oranges... but also the crystal-clear water in the sea.

The most of the holiday homes and holiday resorts on the west coast of Calabria are located around the peninsula Capo Vaticano where you can enjoy some beautiful and unique landscapes.

Calabria offers much more than a beach holiday:

Some parts of the hinterland are still almost untouched - a paradise for the nature lovers and botanists. Surprisingly, the culture enthusiasts have in Calabria a wide offer of historical buildings (i.e. old town centres, Early Christian churches, lonely monasteries or desolated ghost towns) and museums (i.e. archaeological museums, ethnological museums, many special local museums such as Museum of Ndrangheta or Museum of Silk Manufacture).

The art and culture lovers will surely get their money's worth in Calabria - the Greeks, the Romans, Middle Ages and Modern Era made their marks here. Apart from the world-famous Riace bronzes (also called Riace Warriors) in the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria, you will admire here such interesting places as the old Greek town Locri and the city Sybaris, picturesque Gerace, Serra San Bruno, die Cattolica and Scilla in front of the Strait of Messina.

It is also worth mentioning that even nowadays such for tourism forgotten corners of Calabria as Marchesato nearby Crotone by the Ionian Sea do have some interesting places to discover!

North Calabria attracts the tourists' attention too. The most popular is the coastal town Diamante: unique Mural, wild and romantic hinterland, dreamlike coastline with small islands in the sea.

Last but not least, every visitor should taste the traditional Calabrian country cuisine with many natural products from the local farms. The organic food has been always available in Calabria. As a result, the word "organic" has been known here long before it was worldwide commercialised. It is worth to visit Calabria just to savour the fish and other seafood fished by the local fishermen or to drink a tasty wine that was praised already by the old Romans.