General terms of business

1. The contract comes about through our telefonic or per mail acceptance of the customer’s reservation; immediately thereafter the customer will receive immediatly a written confirmation of his booking. The customer is booking also in the name and on behalf of all the fellow travellers who by this way become party of the contract.


2a. The indicated prices for the holiday apartments are valid for one week and include the use of current, gas and water, unless regulated otherwise. The heating or air cond. must be paid on the spot according to consumption or, if this is not possible, according to flat rates. Bed sheets can be rented in most cases (Euro 10 per person and week). Towels, dish towels and table clothes must be brought along. The rent begins saturday ( obligatory in july and august) between 4.00 p.m. and 8.30 pm and ends by 10.00 a.m. The payment is week by week, in the low season also on a day-by-day-basis (12/13 days are always 2 weeks, 19/20 days always 3 weeks). If the customer arrives past 20.30.p.m. he can’t insist on entrance this day.

2b. The costs for the final cleaning are indicated per object, the apartment must be left well-swept.

2c. For the holiday apartments a deposit of 200 Euro must be paid on arrival, unless agreed upon otherwise.

2d. The prices for the hotels are indicated per person and day.


3a. If the reservation is changed by the customer until 11 weeks before the date of arrival, he has to pay 35 Euro. After the 11th week the reservation can’t be changed but must be cancelled and renewed. The costs for the customer are like 4 (see below), unless the amount is negligeable for the individaul case.

3b. 30% of the total price for the reservation must be paid immediately after receiving our written confirmation of booking, the rest until three weeks before arrival. If the payments are not made in time, the reservation is no longer valid. The costs for the customer are like 4 (see below).


4. The withdrawal of the contract must be declared in writing. If the withdrawal is declared until 11 weeks before the date of arrival the customer has to pay 15% of the whole price, from the 10th until the 8th week 30%, from the 7th until the 4th week 50%, after the 4th week 95% (hotels max. 75%). For the individual case we are also permitted to calculate the factual costs. For the individual case the customer is permitted to prove that the withdrawal does not cause any costs or lower costs than the above lump sum.


5a. Only the number of persons which is declared with the confirmation of booking has the right of entrance into the apartment.

5b. In most of allcases animals can be brought. If an animal is not declared with the reservation, it is possible to forbid the entrace for all the travellers.


6a. If the services are not according to contract the customer can demand remedy. We can refuse to do remedy if the costs and efforts are disproportionately extensive. We can do remedy also by offering another equivalent accommodation.

6b As long as the services are not according to contract the customer can demand reduction of payment. If the customer culpably doesn’t notify us of the defect there is no reduction of payment.

6c The customer is permitted to cancel the contract within the framework of existing legislation if there is a seriously negative effect on the journey and we don’t remedy within an adequate deadline It is not neccessary to determine a deadline if any remedy is impossible or if we refuse remedy or if the customer’s special area of interest justifies the immediate cancelling of the contract. The customer must pay for that part of services that he made use of.

6d. Apart from the reduction and cancelling of contract the customer can claim damages. This is not possible if we don’t have to answer for negative effects on the journey.


7. If there is a negativ effect on the journey, the customer has to collaborate within the framework of existing legislation to avoid or reduce the damage. He is particularly obliged to immediately inform the local agency which has to do remedy if possible. If the customer neglects to inform the agency he can’t demand reduction of payment.


8. The customer has to declare all his demands because of services not according to contract within 1 month after ending of the contract.


9. The demands which result of 6 (see above) come under the statute of limitations 2 years after ending of the contract. The term of limitation begins with the date of ending of the contract.


10. The contracts come about under German law. The legal domicile is at Ansbach, Germany.


General informations and remarks: We want to inform you about the following local customs: In Italy the installations are on a lower standard than in the United States. Occasional cancellations of current, water, and gas may happen. The equipments of the houses and apartments are according to Italian standards. Appliances and equipments usually provided in the United States can’t be expected. “***” in the kitchen refers to the freezing compartment of the refrigerator.