What is and what achieves Casa Club?

In the future, what will matter won't be travel to everywhere, but the question if it will be worth, arriving there!
(Hermann Löns, 1908)

Casa Club is an association of private homeowners and various familiar hotels and residences with the aim of mediating inexpensive and selected holiday accommodations in interesting and attractive spots.

Casa Club

-- is specialised in Southern and Middle Italy, Rome and Sardinia, e.g. our "Calabria programme" exists since 1984 with annual extension and optimisation.
-- offers inexpensive prices through direct mediation.
-- offers attentive and individual consulting, since we know all accommodations personally.
-- offers useful services, e.g. through assistance offices in Calabria, Apulia or Sardinia as well as through our support staff in Umbria and Rome!

Casa Club can, by now, look back at over 36 years of experience in the holiday home and hotel branch!

Since the beginning of the acitivity, the business is run by Mr. Kroha in person.

Already in times in which online sale wasn't yet in vogue, our guests had the possibility of chosing calmly and comfortably at home and make the reservation through telephone or fax. Nowadays most of the reservations are made promptly through email.

We can be contacted by phone: monday - saturday from 9am to 1pm.


Wir sind telefonisch Montag bis Samstag von 9.00-13.00 erreichbar.

Mails beantworten wir an jedem Werktag!

Unser Büro ist vom 17.7.-26.8. geschlossen.